Our custom manufactured pipe pigs and mandrels perform various cleaning, maintenance, debris clearing, inspection, duct-proving, and testing operations on pipelines. Our cable protection solutions are manufactured to protect flexible riser pipes, umbilicals and cables from damage due to excessive bending loads or dragging on hard surfaces. These split-section, interlocking clamps enable easy installation and assembly from lay vessels or barges. Our products meet the stringent demands of the oil and gas industry.


Pipe Pigs

Pipe pigs, discs and cups, solid balls



Mandrels for duct-proving telecommunications cables

Cable Protection Clamps

Cable protection clamps

Cable Restriction Clamps

Cable Restriction Clamps

With over a decade of experience in manufacturing, mechanical and heavy process industries, we have a proven track record in design and manufacture of equipment protection and wear products for pipelines and cables. We value direct customer relationships and build to order, supplying direct from the manufacturer. Contact us now for any enquiries on our product range, or for any technical advice.

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