Custom Molded Parts

Equis Industries has made short production runs of molded products more affordable than ever before. Small runs can easily and cost effectively be turned around locally.

We offer a variety of molding services including:

  • Small batch cast molding
  • 3D printing for rapid prototyping
  • high-volume production
  • Tool making & tool design
  • Multiple cavity tooling

Successful low-volume production requires a unique business culture that differs greatly from high-volume manufacturing. Equis began and developed its business model in the prototype, short-run and low-volume production marketplace. Over the past decade of challenging experiences, Equis has perfected a culture believed crucial to successfully quoting, managing and delivering on short-run, low-volume production products to virtually every manufacturing market segment.

Prototype and small-quantity manufacturing operations, provide significant lead-time reductions in prototype to low-volume production. Our customer service culture focuses on rapid response to new product development and ever-changing design and engineering product improvements. Globalisation, customisation, and market competition are pressing demands our customers face every day. In this challenging context, Equis’ rapid molding capabilities are an increasingly important resource to our customers. It is the basis on which we have achieved preferred supplier status with many of our customers.

Large-scale and finish goods manufacturing are handled through our local production facilities,

Today Equis has combined advanced rapid business practices with high-speed CNC machining technology to optimise tooling quality and minimize tool making production time, thus providing accelerated cast molded parts manufacturing. Continuous development of new rapid tooling  solutions and adoption of best practices have been instrumental our success. Our extensive in-house facilities generate exceptional value in quantities from 10 to thousands of pieces. Although our operations have evolved with technological advances and increasingly demanding customer requirements, our philosophy remains unchanged. We focus our intellectual and physical resources to hasten the pace and improve the quality of products we deliver to our clients. Today, this passion and focus is emphatically validated by the growing number of world-class companies that rely on Equis for their product development support services.

Custom molded parts can be engineered according to your specifications and material specifications.

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