Conveyor Rollers, Wheels, Drive Pulleys

We provide custom lagging of rollers, wheels and pulleys with metal core can be manufacture as per customers requirements to any size. The hardness range: from 20 shore A to 85 shore D.

These rollers with various dimensions and different kinds of flat ribbed are used in all industries such as steel, iron, aluminum, wood and textile applications including:
· Applicator rollers
· Bridle rollers
· Calendar roller
· Contact rollers
· Converting rollers
· Conveyor rollers
· Feeding rollers
· Hold down rollers
· Idler rollers
· Laminating rollers
· Pinch rollers
· Printing rollers
· Scoring rollers
· Snubber rollers
· Squeegee rollers

We specialise in open casting of polyurethane, which is an extremely versatile product that can be molded for coating of rollers, wheels and pulleys. It has a high load bearing capacity in tension, compression and shear, many times greater than rubber. Polyurethane has exceptional abrasion resistance, outstanding resilience and excellent adhesion to metal.

Wheels and rollers are easily machined after moulding to provide smooth surface, rough finish, crown, chamfer, groove or profile. There are many applications for polyurethane rollers, wheels and pulleys.

Lagging of rollers, wheels and pulleys can be engineered according to your specifications and material selection.

Material CodeTypical DurometerColour