We manufacture a range of wear resistant chute linings, wear linings and containment skirting for bulk materials handling tasks to minimise spillage, suppress dust, and any potential damage caused by the impact of the material load. We tailor a range of customised solutions to provide ease of installation, maintenance and reduce spillage cleanup costs for your specific plant applications. Our product range is designed to reduce environmental contamination, plant failure, and minimise safety hazards to staff.

Chute Linings

We design abrasion resistant, durable and cost effective linings that cushion the chute from the impact of material being handled, and minimise material hangup, blockage, choking, and caking. Poor chute design or change of material characteristics may prevent controlled material flow and operational productivity. Designed for simple installation and minimal maintenance. We use only advanced polyurethane formula engineered for strong impact resistance and relatively low friction coefficient making it an ideal solution.

Wear Linings

Modular lining systems can be arranged in the most effective wear pattern for lining conveyor transfer and discharge points, hoppers, bunkers, bins, silos and grinding mills. We use only advanced polyurethane formula which is engineered for strong impact resistance and minimal maintenance. Wear plates are commonly manufactured by bonding polyurethane to a steel backed plate to prevent build-up behind the plates. Wear linings and plates are available in custom engineered shapes and sizes to suit specific applications.

Impact Pads

Impact pads and bars absorb and cushion damage from the impact load. These impact beds, clamp plates, wear blocks, belt return strips, jaw mount pads, and shredder plate backing strips provide a contact surface that allows the rubber conveyor belt to slide freely, with less wear on the conveyor belts. We use only advanced polyurethane formula engineered for greater deflection from impact, high load bearing strength, compression, and minimise noise. Our impact pads are custom engineered to fit most existing impact bed systems.

Containment Skirting

We manufacture heavy duty skirting for transfer point loading areas that prevents spillage, reduces worker’s exposure to dust particles, and minimises equipment failure caused by fugitive material buildup between the belt and the skirt. These factors can delay production or unnecessary maintenance. We use advanced polyurethane formula engineered for low co-efficient of friction to reduce the pressure on the belt to maintain the seal. We custom design containment skirting to fit most conveyor systems, with easy maintenance and installation.

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With over a decade of experience in manufacturing, mechanical and heavy process industries, we have a proven track record in design and manufacture of equipment protection and wear products in bulk material handling. We value direct customer relationships and build to order, supplying direct from the manufacturer. Contact us now for any enquiries on our product range, or for any technical advice.


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