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Our custom lagging services offer a longer wearing polyurethane material especially suited to new and OEM requirements. Polyurethane is a versatile engineering material that offers a range of hardnesses, mechanical and thermal properties that can be moulded for coating rollers and wheels. It has a high load bearing capacity in tension, compression and shear, exceptional abrasion resistance, and outstanding resilience compared to other materials.


We offer refurbishment of rollers and wheels in longer wearing polyurethane material. We strip the worn coating to the metal core, sandblast and bond the surface, and then mould the polyurethane to the metal surface. This process offers superior impact, chemical and abrasion resistance and an extremely strong bond to metal. Wheels and rollers are easily machined after moulding to provide smooth surface, rough finish, crown, chamfer, groove or profile.


We help manufacturers, engineers, and designers bring their product to market. Tooling for custom moulding offers significant advantages. Parts designed for injection moulding can be easily manufactured, with greater flexibility in design and shorter lead times. We make short production runs of high quality moulded parts at comparatively low cost. Our customers save time and money on significant up-front tooling costs, and have the ongoing flexibility with production volumes.


equis polyurethane tube

We supply standard polyurethane shapes available in sheet, bars, rod and tube configurations in a range of hardnesses and colours. We manufacture a range of stock shapes and parts that can be cut to size or shape to suit a variety of industries and applications. Harder grades of polyurethane can be cut or machined using conventional tooling – it can be cut, drilled, routed, sawn, turned and shaped. Contact us for custom sizes and dimensions.

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We value our partnerships with staff, customers and suppliers.

We design and manufacture equipment protection, maintenance and wear products in Australia. We supply direct to customers across multiple industries including bulk material handling, minerals and aggregate processing, conveyor systems, quarrying, clay and brick, food processing, truck and freight trailers, monitoring and preventative maintenance. We specialise in custom replacement parts for original equipment manufacturers such as wear linings, wear parts, screening media, containment skirting, scrapers, suspension bushes and lagging of rollers and wheels. We value direct customer relationships and build to order.


We manufacture a range of wear resistant chute linings, wear linings and containment skirting for bulk materials handling tasks to minimise spillage, suppress dust, and any potential damage caused by the impact of the material load. Our customised solutions provide ease of installation, maintenance and reduce spillage cleanup costs for your specific plant applications. Our product range is designed to reduce environmental contamination, plant failure, and minimise safety hazards to staff.


We provide a range of custom manufactured equipment protection and wear products for washing, screening, milling, dense medium separation, flotation, and the separation and grading of ores, minerals and construction aggregates. We specialise in the manufacture of replacement parts for screening media, clay grinding mills, and scraper blades used in minerals and aggregate processing. We have the expertise to provide a tailored solution for your mineral recovery task.


Regardless of the material or goods being transported, our range of equipment protection and wear parts ensure your belt conveyor systems have longer belt life, and less frequent maintenance shutdowns. Our range of custom manufactured conveyor belt scrapers, conveyor skirting, impact bars, polyurethane sheeting, lagging of roller and wheels, and pulley refurbishments will ensure improved efficiency, reduce costs and downtime, and improve the optimum performance of your conveyor operating environment.


We supply a range of moulded parts found in the paper, pulp, cardboard, and packaging industry that will delicately handle most applications without damage to the board or material. We custom manufacture crush rollers to almost any size, shape or hardness, engineered to ensure there is a stable and uniform pressure zone, with the option for press-in bearings, or to stretch over hubs. We provide lagging of rollers, wheels and creaser anvils engineered to suit most OEM’s machinery and plant.


We supply wear parts used in crushing and grinding equipment for the quarrying, clay and brick industry. Our range of custom engineered replacement parts such as conveyor skirting, pan scrapers, pan mixer grids, sheet, dead plates, grinding plates, screen and wear plates are designed to fit most OEM. We use advanced polyurethane formula engineered to outperform mild steel or metal parts. Our unique formula offers significant advantage including reduced weight, minimal noise, better wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and easier installation for your plant.


We provide a safe hygienic range of standard sheet, and custom lagging of rollers and wheels that minimise cleaning and labour costs. We use food grade material engineered to resist abrasion, odour, grease, fats and oils, contamination, heating, cooling and washing to suit many applications. From fish and seafood, grain handling, harvesting equipment, abattoirs, poultry, dairy, beverages and canned goods, fruit and vegetables, bakery and pastry, we have the material and solutions to suit the specific requirements of the food processing industry.


We develop custom high performance suspension bushings, transmission mounts, couplings, bump stops, and moulded parts for the truck, freight trailer and automotive industry. Worn bushes can cause uneven tyre wear greatly affecting steering, braking stability and handling. We manufacture bushing products for your vehicle or fleet. The unique material properties of our superior engineered grade formula will enhance the performance of your vehicle for optimal safety, handling and performance, whilst reducing noise vibration and road shock.


We offer a monitoring and preventative maintenance tracking solution which is focused on predicting scheduled replacement parts or repairs in order to prevent lost production through unplanned downtime, potential plant damage or injury to staff. Our innovative technology improves product lifecycle tracking to manage assets, equipment or inventory. Reduce downtime through electronic monitoring of replacement parts to reduce fault finding. Automatically notify maintenance personnel of the problem before travelling to the breakdown site, especially in remote areas.
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Our mission is to design, manufacture and supply superior equipment protection and wear products direct to our customers. We listen and build to order, and strive to exceed the industry benchmark in customer service, value, reliability and technical expertise. People are at the core of our success and we value our partnerships with staff, customers and suppliers.